• El Centro Británico ofrece clases gratuitas a desempleados en septiembre

    El Centro Británico de Santiago ofrece clases gratuitas de inglés a desempleados del 1 al 24 de septiembre, aproximadamente. Los alumnos asistirán a dos horas de clase diarias de lunes a jueves, previsiblemente, impartidas por profesores en prácticas del Curso CELTA de Cambridge English Language Assessment. Para informarse y reservar plaza es necesario contactar con El Centro Británico antes del 25 de agosto llamando al 981 59 74 90 o visitando nuestras oficinas de Santiago. A los interesados se les informará sobre los horarios disponibles para la realización de una prueba de nivel, que determinará sus conocimientos de inglés y que permitirá seleccionarlos según los niveles requeridos para el curso. Tras ser seleccionados presentarán la documentación necesaria que acredite su actual situación de desempleo, y al finalizar el curso se les hará entrega de un certificado de asistencia

  • Abierto el plazo de matrícula para los exámenes de septiembre de Cambridge English Language Assessment

    A partir del 3 de agosto, podréis matricularos en la convocatoria de septiembre de los exámenes Computer Based de Cambridge English Language Assessment. Podréis acceder a los siguientes exámenes de PET (11 de septiembre), FCE (25 de septiembre), CAE (19 de septiembre) y optar así a los reconocidos certificados de Cambridge English Language Assessment. Podréis matricularnos bien online, bien presencialmente en nuestras oficinas de El Centro Británico en Santiago. Incluimos a continuación el enlace con toda la información sobre los pasos que debes seguir para matricularte correctamente:


  • The Castrapo of the North

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you all. Firstly, let me introduce myself- my name is Will and I have been a teacher here in El Centro Britanico since September 2009. I come from Scotland and I would like to share with you how Scotland could be referred to as the Castrapo of the North.

    In Scotland most people speak Standard Scottish English (SSE), which includes a kaleidoscope of accents and regional variations. This is added with about 80,000 who speak Gaelic as their first language and Standard Scottish English as their second. 

    For any of you that don't know, Gaelic was the native language of Scotland which is a Celtic language derived from Old Irish which was brought to Scotland around the 4th century. This means that this language has been spoken in Scotland for over 1,400 years, nearly 1000 years more than the modern English that is spoken today in Scotland and elsewhere around the world. Gaelic has no connection to English, like Euskera has no connection to Castellano, Euskera also being the older of the two, like Gaelic, but I will focus on Scottish Standard English and how it could be defined as the Castrapo of the North.

  • Music For Pleasure

    When I am not sleeping, I am usually listening to music. I will admit here and now that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my listening choices, I am not a fan of mainstream radio and the top forty sounds (there will, now and again, be the odd exception to this snobbery but not often). I love finding fresh and exciting sounds and these sounds need not be contemporary- there is untold treasure still to be heard from almost a hundred years ago!

    Part of the joy of music is finding a great new record (when I say record, I mean vinyl record) I’m a snob remember, taking the beautiful black disc from the amazing art sleeve. It was with a heavy heart that I sold most of my treasured collection before I moved back to Galicia as the weight was phenomenal and the cost of transporting, eye-poppingly expensive. To my surprise, some of these rarer records sold for over 100 euros each which was fantastic, while of course there were others that I couldn’t give away.

    My favourite record at the moment is by an American artist called Kendrick Lamar, the album To Pimp a Butterfly challenges the usual stereotypes of hip hop, sometimes quite brutally, but it still swings my hips like the great dance sounds should.